Johnson’s Garden centres first traded in the 50’s from humble beginnings in Ramsgate. Mr Raymond Johnson and Terence Johnson innovatively opened one of the first “Garden and Pet Centres” in the county of Kent at Margate Road Ramsgate, with many familiar stock lines there that you would see on our shelves today. Aviaries filled with exotic birds and shed and fencing displays lined the rear of the premises with paving for the garden, and even horse manure for fertiliser!

A plethora of garden and pet sundries filled the shops with the scent of foliage and fresh garden plants hanging in the air. Ramsgate and neighbouring towns flourished with the wealth of London holiday-makers. This winning formula was later extended to stores in Margate, Whitstable and Canterbury.

In the 60’s we acquired our premises at Chestfield and never looked back, at the time it was an operational Tomato Nursery, this was continued for a while until surplus goods from our Garden and Pet Centres made their way there, for weekend sales, the demand generated by these weekend sales eventually developed the site into our first full blown, “out of town” garden centre.

Mr Terence Johnson retired in 1996, Johnsons has since been owned and run by Ian Johnson, we now employ over 40 staff and have extended our operations into many new sectors, still in keeping with the outdoor leisure theme. With decades of experience serving the public and trade alike with Outdoor leisure goods Johnsons staff are as to be expected brimming with knowledge and keen to provide excellent customer service at our main Whitstable branch where we would welcome you and cherish you as we do all of our loyal customers.